If you have young children or a baby it is likely that you will consider getting vaccinations for them whilst you are here in Bucharest. You might also need vaccinations for certain holiday destinations, the flu vaccine, or for rabies if you have an animal bite.

Vaccination Schedules: The WHO (World Health Organisation) has a recommended vaccination schedule, but every country has their own specific schedule. You will probably want to continue on the schedule of your home country (or the country of your child’s birth).  If you take a copy of your child’s schedule to your pediatrician or doctor, then they can identify if there are any additional vaccinations they would recommend here in Romania.

Where can I get vaccines? Vaccinations can be purchased at pharmacies and then administered by a nurse and doctor in a clinic or hospital. Sometimes the clinic or hospital can purchase or provide the vaccine for you, but this must be arranged in advance, even for routine vaccines.

If a vaccine is not available at the first pharmacy you visit, this does not necessarily mean it is out of stock in the country, so do try other pharmacies and hospitals.

What if I cannot get a vaccine? Certain vaccines are sometimes simply (!) not available in Romania. Some vaccination schedules are not ‘fixed’ and so the timing of doses and boosters can be changed within certain parameters. Always discuss this with your pediatrician if you are unsure.

It has been known for people to purchase vaccines overseas and import them into the country (members have reported that Dr Ana Maria Briot can do this on your behalf), or to visit their home country to take certain vaccinations.

What about the flu vaccine? Every year in the autumn there is a flu vaccination programme in Romania. Read our specific flu vaccination article here.

What about rabies? Rabies is present in Romania and there are many stray animals here, which makes it a particular concern. There is no vaccine for rabies, only a series of boosters you should have if you ever think you might have been exposed to rabies (for example an animal bite). Read our specific rabies article here.


Some pharmacies:

Farmacia Tei next to Dristor metro.