Tineretului is a large park that was designed to serve the south of the city, but it has so much going for it that people travel a lot further to enjoy it.

There are great playgrounds all over the park.  Along the main avenue on the Tineretului metro side of the park you also find trampolines and dodgems.   If you want a little more than this then get to Oraselul Copiilor which is more of a funfair on the southern end of the park (rides cost between 5-10Lei but some are for over 18’s only). The skate park is in the centre of the park and as well as the usual small stalls for food there is a very decent restaurant on the lake itself.

The hill that dominates the nothern side of the park allows for views over the south of the city and the boating lake in the centre of the park.

You can hire bikes in the summer from I’Velo