Happy St Patrick’s Day!

This craft idea will help your toddler with hand-eye coordination and give them something fun to wear! It requires a little bit of preparation (green pasta shapes) but it’s worth it.

You will need:  green penne pasta, string, green paper/card, scissors

Green penne pasta, you say?!!!  OK so you have two options here.  I had some preparation time so I coloured my regular penne pasta, but the other option is to buy a pack of tricolor pasta and pick out the green ones!

How to dye pasta:  In a zip-lock bag put a few squirts of hand sanitiser (or rubbing alcohol) and then add green food colouring.  Give it a good shake to mix is round.  Add the pasta and again give it a good shake so that it is all well covered.  Put the pasta tubes onto a sheet of baking paper and leave to dry.

How to colour pasta using paint (I didn’t have food colouring in green so opted to use paint instead):  In a zip-lock bag put a few squirts of green paint.  Add the pasta and give it a good shake.  Leave on baking paper to dry out


Now cut out some shamrock shapes (of any size).


Get threading!