Have you and your kids been waiting for winter to end so that you can get out and be more active again?!  Spring and Summer are the times when many of us will start sports clubs and activities with our kids. Here are a few of our most recommended ones, but we’d love to hear from you if there is another sport or club your kids loves!

FootballFireballs is a popular weekly football club just behind Baneasa which has different age groups each day after school.  The British Football School will also run a week-long football camp in April.

Swimming – is a very popular choice with many options around the city.  Most swimming schools will offer a free trial lesson for you to visit the facilities and meet the instructors. Classes can be individual, or group, and once or twice a week. Most classes, even for babies, will be with the instructor and not the parent in the pool. In the Pipera area, Splash is well recommended, as is Atlantis and Stejari. Other popular choices are Acvatic Bebe and AquaSport and Baby Spa.

Gymnastics and Dance – There is a Saturday morning Gymnastics group for girls of all ages from 10.15am in Otopeni run by the friendly and welcoming Ms Doina. Older girls with more experience have an extra class after the open session. The Dance Art Studio is Pipera is popular for its many ballet classes as well as moden dance and is run by Ms Adreea of King’s Oak School.

Karate – there are Karate classes held at Stejari. There is a private small-group class for young kids (aged around 4-6 years), send us a message if you would like the details of this.

Climbing – not classes, but there are great opportunities for climbing indoors at No Gravity, and outdoors at Edenland.