Spring is in the air!  Here are some super simple flowers you can make using old egg cartons.  Anything with glitter and glue is a lot of fun in my book!!!

You will need:  Egg cartons, scissors, glue, glitter or glitter glue, tissue paper, green straws, stapler, coloured card, split pin / brad pin (optional)


20160317_093507Cut your egg carton up into segments.  Older kids might like the challenge of doing this themselves, but it is tricky so please supervise closely.

Tear or cut your tissue paper into squares that are just larger than the egg carton segments.

Cut your coloured card into a rough flower shape.

Attached the egg carton to the flower card using a split pin or strong glue.







20160317_094445To assemble your flower now glue inside the egg carton with a glue stick and stick in your tissue paper square(s) (you can glue onto the tissue paper, but it might tear).

Decorate the centre of your flower with glitter or glitter glue

Attached it to it’s ‘stalk’ using a stapler (by attaching the card backing to the egg carton you have a larger surface to staple on)