This craft idea involves paint (brown), glue, tissue paper (red and/or orange), coloured paper (yellow)¬†and good ol’ googly eyes!

The first step is to paint your paper plate brown.
TOP TIP – if you have a ‘glossy’ paper plate, then paint the back side of it and turn the edges in.
TOP TIP – if you don’t have brown paint then mix a little green with some orange paint until you get the colour you want







Then tear your tissue paper into squares and scrunch these up into little balls. This is a great activity for toddlers to do themselves.





Use a little glue to stick these to the chest of your robin.





Finish your robin off with a pair of googly eyes and a beak.







Skills: painting, tearing paper, scrunching up paper
Talk about: bird sounds, feeding birds during winter, mixing paint

Read: Robin’s Winter Song by Suzanne Barton