20160505_093424We have had so much rain recently!  Once you had have fun splashing in puddles, then come inside and try this craft idea.  Older kids will have fun making the folds in the umbrella, and all kids love glitter and cotton wool!

What you will need: Glue, coloured paper, cotton wool, glitter, scissors

Skills: folding paper, cutting

Sing: Rain, rain, go away.  I’m singing in the rain.  I hear thunder



20160505_092715Cut out your shapes ready.





20160505_092237Before gluing your shapes to the paper, fold it in half so that you know where the centre of the umbrella will be.




20160505_093331Once you have glued your person to the paper, you can then add clouds and rain.  TOP TIP to add the glitter – first put glue on the paper where you want the rain drops to be.  Then sprinkle glitter on the paper.  Using the fold as a guide, you can then tip off any excess glitter back into the jar 🙂



20160505_092931Now add your umbrella.  Use half an A4 sheet and then fold it like a concertina / zig zag.  Older kids will enjoy trying to fold the umbrella themselves.




20160505_093448TOP TIP to add the umbrella – stick one side of the folded paper first and then, with the paper folded, ‘close’ your paper on top of it.  This will be easier to hold in place for the glue to dry.