In October we ran an article about Misty, the Guide Dog, who was expecting a litter of puppies. These were born happily and healthily at the end of the year, and now, Charlie and Chilli, two of the little black labs, 3 months old are looking for a home!

They are part of the first Romanian Guide Dog for the Blind School in Romania. The puppy will start the professional training after 1 year and until this time we need volunteers that can spent  as much time with the dog as possible (10 hours or more) and socialise the dog in as many situations as possible so it gets used to as many sights and sounds as possible and ready for whatever it experiences as a working guide dog. It is possible to have a Guide Dog puppy and have children at home, so families who are interested should contact the charity to find out more information.

Light into Europe will provide all the food, veterinary costs and you will be given professional support and advice on raising the puppy. We can also find someone to look after the puppy if you need to go away for a weekend or week and cannot take the dog with you.

Having a garden is ideal but if you live in a flat close to a park where you can take the dog this is also OK and we have had previous puppy volunteers do this.

For any more information please contact me at:

Anca, Chilli, Charlie