Playgroups allows you a space to actually play with your child without the distraction of household chores, errands that need to be done, older siblings that need attention. You can get creative together without having to worry about the mess – moms always talk about how they never let their kids play with glitter or play dough at home because it’s just too messy. Playgroups are the perfect environment to try these things out! Some playgroups including singing time or a snack and this is a chance for you can learn new songs and new snack ideas.

Playgroups are also a great place to relax as a mom. You’re in an environment that’s safe and holds your child’s interest for more than 2 seconds. You can have a chance to drink your morning coffee and have a quick chat. Whether you’re new to Bucharest or not; new to parenting or not, the opportunity to chat to others is vital to our own socialising and mental health as parents! Many of us also learned different parenting techniques because we all talk about sleep and eating and screen time and potty training. And of course are a chance to learn a lot of new things about Bucharest.

All of these benefits are of course before even mentioning how it prepares your child for school and regular social interactions or about fine/gross motor skills.


Kristine is a mom to three kids and has lived in Bucharest for 6 years. Kristine helps to run the BSB Toddler Group on Mondays.


There are a number of playgroups in Bucharest that run throughout the year that moms and dads with pre-school aged children can attend.  Even if you think your little one might be ‘too small’ to take part in the activities, this doesn’t mean you should not attend! Playgroups can be as much about parents having a social life! Smaller children will take part in activities with your support, and most playgroups will be happy for you to arrive/leave according to your nap schedule.


British School of Bucharest (BSB) Mondays from 9am until 10.45am. Kristine (mum of Alma) says “we have free play for the first hour, then one of the parents provides a snack on a rotation basis, we read a story and then we sing songs until it is time to go home”. This group is parent run, but resourced by the school. Contact Kristine through their Facebook group to get your name on the security/car park list. All ages welcome; soft toys and mat available. The group does not run during school holidays.

King’s Oak British International School (formerly InSPE) Tuesday mornings from 9am until 11am. The group is led by Early Years specialists at the school using their school hall and early years playground. Creative activities, messy play stories and much more are available each week. All ages welcome; soft toys and mat available. The group does not run during school holidays.

Bucharest with Kids in association with IWA Bucharest) – Friday mornings from 9.30am – 11.30am there is a regular Moms and Tots meet up, drop in at a time that suits you and your child. This group meets during fine weather at Casa Alba park but also regularly meets at Jolie Kid’s House. Follow BucharestWithKids on Facebook for updates of location. All ages welcome; soft toys and mat available at Jolie Kid’s House. The group continues to meet during school holidays.


This list is not intended to be exclusive – if you know of any other playgroups that we have not included then please let us know.