We can find ourselves taking pictures all the time with our phones these days, but when you suddenly realise you need a picture printed or need a new passport then living overseas you can feel very lost about where to go and what to do! In this article we will give an overview of passport photos, photo printing and getting family portraits done.


Passport Photos

Baneasa Mall (outside InterSport) and Promenada Mall (basement level near the kiddie toy rides) both have places that will take and print your passport photos immediately. It’s also possible to go into a Kodak or FujiFilm shop for example (there is one beside Piata Baneasa near the Tram stop, and another on Strada Ion Mihalache, across from the Sfanta Maria Hospital) where they will not only print any photos, but will also take the pictures for you. These places allow yo to review your photos and check they meet the passport requirements.

Another option for passport photos is taking a ‘head shot’ at home yourself and then just printing them at a photo print shop. You can process the pictures into the right format using an online web programme.


Many of us might like to have more shots of the whole family together and one way to do this is by using a professional photographer. Photographers may have their own studio, but many are happy to do shoots at your own home (a great option around Christmas time for example) or another location (the parks are forests are beautiful all year round). Photographers for family shoots or events are affordable and often include the shoot and a number of digital photographs for you to print to your specification.

Printing Photos

Again you can use print shops like FujiFilm or Kodak (details above), but there are also printing kiosks in Carrefour at Baneasa and DM Market at Pipera Plaza. Another popular way of getting prints done is by sending them online to be printed, by Fotoland for example.


If you are “in to ” photography yourself, then you might consider the charity project; Romania Through the Lens of Expat Women.