Parking in Brasov can be a bit of a nightmare. Although there are hundreds of parking spaces dotted around the old town, they are all ‘parcare cu plată’ or paid parking. Once you’ve found a space, which can be a challenge in itself during the high season, you then have to work out how to pay!

The vast majority of parking is charged between 8am and 8pm, and is paid for using parking meters that only accept 10 and 50 bani coins. In April 2016 it cost 1.50Lei per hour but if, like us, you saw this as an opportunity to get rid of some of your 10 bani pieces I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. The machines will accept a maximum of 25 coins in each transaction – so 25 x 10 bani will get you less than two hours of parking. Therefore you need to save up your 50 bani pieces for longer stays! If you want to stay overnight, the machine will automatically add time after 8am if you keep putting the coins in.

Alternatively – and much simpler for those people with a Romanian mobile phone SIM card – you can pay by SMS. An hour’s parking will cost you 0.40 Euros + VAT, for which you send the message ‘341 ABC123’ (where ABC123 is your car’s registration number) to 7420. A whole day’s parking costs 2.60 Euros + VAT and needs the message ‘342 ABC123’ sending to 7420. Full details are available on the TPark website.

You can also get daily parking tickets from the P&P parking company’s office at 15A Str. Hărmanului 15A (near the CEC Bank). If you’re staying overnight at one of the many hotels in the old town that don’t have their own parking, it’s worth contacting them before you arrive to see if they can help you get a daily pass.
Parking in Brasov