misty-puppiesMisty is expecting puppies at the end of October this year! Misty is a black Labrador cross who belongs to the charity Light into Europe. She had her first litter of nine completely adorable, healthy puppies in November 2014, almost two years ago.

This next litter will be the third litter of puppies for Light into Europe Charity (Midnight had five puppies – the “A” litter – in 2011). The next five or six puppies born in October this year will all have names beginning with “C”.

“I can’t wait for the puppies to arrive!” says Finn Ingram, of the host family. “I was so excited when we went to the vets and saw the little embryos using ultrasound for the first time. I loved having the puppies being born in our house last time. It was hard to see them go. Baxter was our favourite – we ended up hosting him for seven months!”

Normally, guide dog puppies are weaned at 6-8 weeks old, when they go to live with new volunteer families for the first 12-18 months of their lives. These adorable puppies have a big future ahead of them. One day, with the correct support and training, they will provide the eyes for often vulnerable and isolated Romanians who are blind or have low vision.

Volunteers are needed from December this year! If you would like to become a volunteer Puppy Walker, even for six months or so, please let us know. Ideally you would have a fenced-off garden, be willing to take the puppy out and about with you, not work full time, not have more than one child under five and have no more than one dog yourself.

All the expenses such as vet fees, food, etc are covered by the charity Light into Europe and full, professional support is given throughout. Arrangements for cover can be made when you travel outside Bucharest. Please contact robbousie@lightintoeurope.org to find out more if you’d like to join our team of amazing Guide Dog volunteers.

Ruth Rusby, 5th October 2016