Bucharest with Kids is pleased to announce a new discount for it’s members.  From May 2016, members can receive a 15% discount on all activities at Miko Kids!

Miko Kids run two popular classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers; Learn with Music and Explore and Play.  Both classes are led by specialist teachers and offer kids the chance to learn through fun, multi-sensory and interactive activities.  If you want more for your child, then instead of attending single classes, you can sign-up for a kindergarten course of Explore and Play for 2 or 4 hours a day.  For older children Miko Kids host dance classes and individual music or language lessons.  Miko Kids is all about learning through games, music and physical activities.


Below is their current (May 2016) price list.  To receive a 15% discount on their subscriptions, please inform Miko Kids that you are a member of Bucharest with Kids.  

Monthly subscriptions:
4 classes/month: 196 RON (49 RON/class)
8 classes/month: 344 RON (43 RON/class)
12 classes/month: 445 RON (37 RON/class)
16 classes/month: 528 Ron (33 Ron/class)
20 classes/month: 580 Ron (29 Ron/class)
The price for one class is 60 RON.

Full details of their current schedule can be found here.

Full details of their price list, including the Explore and Play Kindergartden programme, can be found here.