london street atelier kids cookingThe London Street Atelier run Kid’s Cooking Workshops which introduce kid’s to cooking in an imaginative, fun and educational way.  They have a range of workshops that they have run for schools but can tailor a course according to the class subject / learning objectives.  They also run Kid’s Cooking Parties in a similar way.

In each workshop the kids will learn:

• Responsibility

• Creativity

• Awareness of what they eat

• Respect for food ad food producers

• Value of money

• Hard work vs reward


Examples of our workshops:

“Lighten Up” – fresh smart ways of cooking old favorites and nutrition knowledge

“Experience Chocolate” – home made chocolate, healthy chocolate

“Halloween Pumpkin Fest” – decorate your own pumpkin

“World War II” – history class about how people were cooking during the war time.

“Vitamin C – Oranges and Lemons “ – benefits of Vitamin C in our body and sources of Vitamin V

“Patiserie Francaise” – learn traditional French recipes and culture of food.

“Better Burger” – to raise awareness around the importance of getting healthy food

“Our Big fat Christmas Lunch” – tradition of the Christmas all over the world.

“Make it Count” – basic counting and Maths via baking

“Smart Cookie”- healthy baking basis





Phone  0736 933 531.