This is a neat little craft to get your toddler excited about Easter! It involves some gluing for them, and some stapling for you, but once you have made the bag you can have lots of fun collecting all sorts of things around the house in preparation for Easter.

You will need: Stapler, glue stick, three paper plates, pink paper, cotton wool, googly eyes (or coloured paper), black pen, pom pom (or other for the nose)
20160321_094548 The first stage of the craft is to cut out the ear shapes from two of your three plates. This will give you two ear shapes and two partial plates. Discard one of the plates and use the other one as the ‘back’ of your bag.  Use a stapler to attach the ears to the complete plate, and then attach one partial plate behind to form the bag.



20160321_093746Now that you have done this, your kid can get down to sticking their ears on – cut out a pink insert from your paper and glue it onto the ear.




20160321_094224Add the detail to the face on the front of the bag – eyes (googly or stuck on paper eyes), nose (drawn on or use pompoms), fluffy cheeks (cotton wool) and finally use a black pen for teeth and whiskers.




20160321_095330Enjoy your complete bag!