If you are living in Bucharest but have a driving license from another EU country, then when your license needs to be renewed…you must renew it here! Not in your home country…..But how do you do this? Well, we are lucky that one member, Vera, is happy to share her experience of this.

Several months ago I asked if anyone had experience renewing their driving license in Romania. As a Dutch citizen (non-resident) I cannot renew my driving license there, as per EU law you have to renew your license in the country where you have residency (Romania for me). I got lots if useful information, thanks to those who shared! I dropped the process for a while, and just picked it up again. I think it might be useful for some to know the process.

The office is on Șoseaua Pipera 49. Desk for the application is on the first floor, desk 1. It’s open daily everyday from 7am -2pm, except on Tuesdays, when it is open from 2:30-8:30pm. If it has a closed sign, ask if someone is there, as there are not many people applying to exchange a foreign license. I didn’t need to take a waiting number.

Required papers (both originals and photocopies):

  •       – Driving license
  •       – CNP
  •       – Passport
  •       – 68 Lei taxa (to be paid at the entrance, booth 18/19, before you go upstairs)
  •       – Fisa medicala (medical check)

The medical check requires you to see six different doctors. Regina Maria has set up a service once a week (Tuesdays 5-7pm) at Floreasca Clinic (I know they also do it at Enescu Clinic, not sure what time/ day). You walk from doctors office to doctors office, few minutes each, and get a stamp and signature from each doctor. It took me about an hour (there are many others doing it at the same time). It costs 250 Lei.

I had applied for a certificate of driving ability from the Dutch authorities, as my license is expired, but they didn’t need it.

There is one form to be filled while there. It’s in Romanian, but pretty straight forward. The lady behind the desk was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it, so she asked one of the other clients to help me.

The lady behind the desk was initially unfriendly and did not speak a word of English. I speak limited Romanian and could manage. She warmed up a little later, and it turns out that she has some English after all. The process is not difficult, but if you have a Romanian friend to help out, it might be easier.

I was told my new license will be ready in two weeks.