This is a cute craft idea to celebrate St George’s Day in England, or just to talk about dragons!!!
It can be a little messy as painting a toilet roll is tricky even for us adults!

Talk about: dragons and knights

Read: The Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch

Sing: Puff the Magic Dragon


To make the craft20160421_093355 you will need: a toilet roll, paint (green or red), paint brushes, glue (pva glue is best here), googly eyes, pom poms (optional), black paper (or black paint, or a pen), tissue paper (red and orange)









20160421_093628The first thing to do is to get all messy painting your toilet roll tube. Top Tip – put your hand inside the toilet roll tube as you paint around it.




20160421_094011Then stick your pom poms and googly eyes on the top, along with your black paper dots for the nostrils.




20160421_094027Finally use some more glue to stick the tissue paper fire your dragon in breathing out of his mouth!