You honestly don’t need green fingers to get cress to grow – just give it a little water every day and you’ll soon have a Cress Head ready to cut! And eat!

What you will need:  The bottom of a 2lt plastic water bottle (or something similar as long as it is see-through), some cotton wool, cress seeds, glue, googly eyes, pom poms for decoration.

Talk about: Seeds growing, where our food comes from, plants needing water, hair cuts (!)



Before you start this craft with your kid you will need to prepare the water bottle – cut the water bottle to give yourself a 7-10cm high beaker.  Depending on the plastic it is made from this might be difficult to cut and jagged around the edge so it is best not to involve your toddler in this part.  If you want to smooth the top edge off after you have cut it, then you can do this carefully with a small flame to slightly melt the plastic (again please don’t involve your toddler and take care yourself!).


20160310_095307Put your cotton wool into the base of the container – for the best hair-effect add cotton wool until almost the top of the container.  Dampen the cotton wool with a little water and then sprinkle your cress seeds onto the damp wool.




20160310_094353Now you can decorate your Cress Head’s face.  We used glue to attach some googly eyes and pom poms as a nose, but you can do anything really!





20160310_094951Now don’t forget to water your Cress Head every day – not loads of water, but just enough to dampen the cotton wool.

And thank you to Silvia for providing the craft idea and materials this week 🙂