ecvestru topperDressage (English) horse riding lessons for beginners to advanced, kids and adults.
Instructor Isabella has taught horsemanship for 20 years and emphasizes safety for all her riders. She competes herself and maintains the highest competitive status for Romanian jumping and is classified as a Master Trainer. She judges at international jumping competitions as well.
Isabella speaks English (plus French and Romanian) and the lessons are given inside a covered arena year-round at Club Equestra Topper.
Address:  Tancabesti str.Mihai Eminescu,nr.5 this is 5km past Hornbach on the DN1.
Phone:  (Isabella) 0735 152 994  or 0724 290 297
Cost:  Half-hour (80 Ron) or 45 min lessons (120 Ron). One bonus lesson for every ten!
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