A lovely summer craft – and a great way to re-use toilet rolls!!

You will need:  toilet roll tube, A4 coloured paper, scissors, stapler, paint / glitter glue / etc to decorate your butterlfy, optional googly eyes, pipe cleaners.

Read: The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle

Explore: your garden!


20160526_093842Cut our your butterfly wing shape from your A4 paper (you can fold in half to make sure that the two sides are the same shape).

To attach your wings to your body (toilet roll) ideally use a stapler or glue.  It is better to do this part before starting to decorate.

If you have pipe cleaners or googly eyes you can attach these to the body too.



20160526_094012You can now decorate your butterfly body and wings in any way that you like!  Why not use paint and sprinkle glitter on it before it dries?  Or just use glitter glue pens? Or cut out shapes from different coloured and textured paper to stick to your butterfly.