Congratulations! You are pregnant and tests have confirmed it! A chapter of your life will start here in Bucharest! But don’t stress; you will not be alone 🙂

Don’t hesitate to take advice from other mums around you (international mums, Romanian mums, or mums ‘back home’), on the internet or from books! But don’t feel you have to take every piece of advice you are given – this is your body and your baby and you will know what feels right! Visit the Baby in the City Bucarest website.

Medical organization:
At first, find a gynecologist-obstetrician who will follow you throughout your pregnancy and who normally, in Bucharest, will deliver your baby. Remember that you are able to change doctor if you are not satisfied. Find out about your choices in both private and public hospitals and the choice of maternities; visit them.
It is possible to have childbirth lessons, find with whom and where you can take them.

Medical expenses:
Now that you are pregnant, you will find yourself in the medical universe every month throughout your pregnancy. Month after month, you will spend money for various visits, tests, ultrasounds (thanks to ultrasounds, you will see month after month the baby’s evolution!) and on the birth itself! Inform yourself about the refunding procedures.

Buying for your baby:
There are many things you will want to buy for your baby, for their room, clothes (for you and for the baby), supplies, medical items, feeding, sleeping and more! It is possible to buy many things for your baby here in Bucharest in shops or by shopping online through Romanian websites. It is also possible to buy things in your home country and have family or friends bring or post them to you. Many items can also be purchased second-hand through Facebook or other groups of mums.

For more information look on Baby in the City Bucarest Here you can find lots of useful information for your pregnancy. It is free to become a member and gives you access to the top list addresses of Bucharest!


By Baby in the City Bucarest

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