People always ask me how I manage to keep being so sporty and have two kids; it is not easy, but it is feasible, even here in Bucharest (or anywhere else).

If you are getting frustrated because you are struggling getting back in shape after having kids; Don’t wait, ACT! There are three things you can get started:

  1. Find a ‘’child friendly’’ gym
  2. Workout at home
  3. Find a friend who wants to workout and help each other doing it

Child friendly gyms
There are few gyms in Bucharest where you can take kids with you.  The first is actually my place and is more than a gym; it is simply ”two rooms’’ one where to train and one equipped for small children to play while mummy works out.

  • FIT TIME in Pipera Tunari opposite Billa, at Ortokinetic Villa. Officially opening from 14 March 2016 -with specific Moms&Tots classes.
  • Pescariu in Floreasca. They have a great gym, indoor pool and for the hot summer days fantastic outdoor aqua park. They have a supervised children’s play area with nice toys for all ages (available for children over 3 years old).
  • World Class at Jolie Ville and Promenada. The play areas here are not built in to the gym, but are next to them. At Jolie Ville there is Jolie’s Kids House (that also offers a discount for Bucharest With Kids members) and there is Gymbo Land in Promenada.
  • Stejari Country Club also has a play area within the club (available only for children over 3 years old).


If you are still wanting to work out but this doesn’t help you because you have a baby or you don’t think your kids will stay happily in a play area, then you should try option 2 and work out at home.
Grab just 20-25min every day (rest during the weekend) and just do it.
Don’t wait until your baby or children have a nap or go to sleep, you will be frustrated and angry if they don’t. Exercise with them. At the beginning they will be jealous because you are dedicating time to yourself and not them, but if you introduce it as a new routine then they will get used to it. At first they will look at you and maybe laugh at you, then they will start copying you and soon enough they will just carry on with their own things. This solution is a much cheaper solution than number 1, as it only requires an exercise mat. There are tons of resources online for working out at home for mums and if you don’t know where to start, just get in contact with me.

Number 3 will suit you better if you are more of an outdoor person. Try to train with a friend, possibly one with a jogger stroller, and you can jog together. If only one of you has a suitable stroller then you can take turns with it, or take turns jogging or using the park gym equipment (eg in Herestrau or Casa Alba) whilst you watch each other’s kids.
It works, kids will like it, and you will love it! You just need 20-25 minutes per day and all will become feasible.

We all know that life with kids is not easy. Sport helped me to stay sane and will help you.


My name is Erika, I have been an expat for 13 years, the last 5 with children and for the last year and a half I have been living here in Bucharest.

I have always been passionate about sport but only recently this passion has become also my career. I started my qualifications as a trainer after my second child was born and I am now a qualified bootcamp and kettlebell trainer.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to know more about how to keep fit with children contact me. I am happy to answer any queries and can help you investigate other options using my contacts.

Erika Torazzina
Bootcamp Trainer
FIT TIME owner and founder