For this snowman craft you will need an empty water bottle, cotton wool, coloured paper and glue.

20160121_093655 (2)20160121_094517 20160121_093812 The first step is to put your cotton wool into the empty (and dry) water bottle. This is a great task for toddlers to practice their motor skills and coordination.




Then add the features to your snowman. Three buttons, eyes, nose (carrot shape or orange shape), mouth and hat. The scarf can be made from the same paper, or different material if you have something else to use.

20160121_094351 20160121_094355 20160121_102905






Skills: coordination/dexterity for pushing cotton wool into bottle, placing features correctly
Talk about: features of a snowman, what happens when a snowman melts


Watch:  The Snowman