This snow drop craft idea is a lovely one to do with toddlers and pre-schoolers in the Spring. The snowdrop is a common symbol of Martisor, celebrated on the First of March in Romania.

For this craft you will need:  Green paper, white paper (or white paint), red and white ribbon or string, a sheet of A4 paper (any colour), glue, scissors and a pencil.

Talk about: Talk to your child about spring and when you are walking in the street, park or your garden you can start to look for tiny shoots.

Read: The Snowdrop Story by Hans Christian Anderson



Firstly, draw around your child’s hand on the white paper and then cut this out.



20160225_093440Then glue the hand onto your coloured paper.  If you are feeling messy (!) then instead of drawing around and then cutting out the white hand print, you could paint your child’s hand with white paint and have them ‘stamp’ the paper.




20160225_093939Now you need to add your detail – a snowdrop head, stem and leaves that you can cut out from the green paper.

















Finish off your craft with two pieces of red and white string, or red and white ribbon.