Made By You is where you can go to paint your own pottery.  They have lots of different ceramics to choose from including standard items like plates, cups and frames, to seasonal ones for Christmas and Easter for example.  The paints and brushes on offer are also extensive and the staff there are able to advise and coach you on paint and styles.  The support and creativity offered at Made By You means that this is a place that you can relax in and you will not want to rush your visit.  Your finished pieces will be glazed and fired and you can collect them a week later.

Made By You is located in a lovely old apartment building on Piata Gheorghe Cantacuzino and not far from Piata Romana.  They have tea and coffee to help sustain your creative juices, but there are plenty of places to eat nearby if you become peckish.  There are tables to work at, as well as couches to sit on whilst you think about your next piece.  They are very welcoming to families with children, including those with young babies.



Phone: 0748 03 66 88

Address:  Strada Alexandru D. Xenopol 19, Piata Gheorghe Cantacuzino

Opening: Monday-Friday 2-8pm, Saturday – Sunday 11 – 8pm

Cost:  Each ceramic item is individually priced, average cost 35Lei