jumbo bucharest kidsJumbo are the ‘go to’ store for party decorations and general craft supplies.  They are affordable and of good quality and offer such a range that you will come away with more than you thought you needed!  They are a popular place to visit if you are hosting a kids party, want to do some crafting or want to get seasonal supplies e.g. Halloween, Christmas

There are two stores in Bucharest, both are in the south of the city but they are worth travelling to.





Address:  Bucharest, B-dul Theodor Pallady Nr. 51 G, Sector 3

Phone:  40217804562

Address (Berceni): Bucharest 2, DRUMUL DEALU BISERICII, NR. 67-109, SECTOR 4, BERCEN

Phone (Berceni):  004 – 021 4065200