HipHip Bebe BucharestHip Hip is the place to go if you are interested in ‘natural parenting’ in Bucharest (well, Romania in fact).  They are passionate, knowledgable and well-stocked with baby-wearing products (slings, wraps and other carrier styles), cloth diapers (textile nappies) and other eco-friendly clothing and accessories (including detergents).  They sell a large range of wool products for babies, toddler and adults – great for when winter sets in!


Hip Hip have an online store where you can browse all of their products and order for home delivery (Fan Courier, pay on delivery).  For many of these products though you might want to try them out first, or have some advice on what might best suit you, for this they have a showroom downtown near Universitate (they also have a show room in Timisiora), but they are also very responsive by phone and email.


Website:  hiphip.ro

Address:  la Studio Pronatalita, Strada Hristo Botev nr 10 etaj 1 interfon 2

Phone:  0752 155 999

Opening: Check the website for the show room opening times http://hiphip.ro/pages/showroom