Halloween is coming!  Here are our Top Tips for a family friendly Halloween in Bucharest.

  1. Get a costume.  Most supermarkets have costumes in stock, for example Lidl and Carrefour have a large range, but sizes will soon run out.
  2. Get a pumpkin. There are a huge range of pumpkins on offer in Romania, but if you are looking for a traditional orange pumpkin then you can get these in Mega Image, Carrefour and at some food markets e.g. Obor. Here are some great ideas for _not_ carving your pumpkin if you have younger kids.
  3. Get to a party! There are many parties taking place over Halloween weekend that will suit different ages and interests. MikoKids will have their Boo Hoo Halloween on Thursday from 5-8pm. Jolie Ville Kid’s House will host a party for young kids (2-5 years) on Friday morning, then for older kids (6-10 years) later from 6.30pm onwards. Kiddo will host a party on Sunday and there will also be spooky things happening at Ikea on Sunday too.
  4. Get singing!