This article contains information for people who would like to have the flu vaccine. It is not intended to open a debate regarding the benefits or risks of vaccines.

In Romanian, flu is known as “gripal” and the common name for the flu vaccine is VaxiGrip.

As with most vaccinations here, it is possible to buy the vaccine directly from a pharmacy yourself or for you to request that your doctor buy it on your behalf. When the vaccine is administered you will first be checked by a doctor to make sure you are in good general health. A nurse (not the doctor), will then administer the vaccine.

It is worth checking with your health insurance provider if they will meet the cost of the vaccine and the appoitment. Some health care policies will only cover recommended vaccines on a schedule, rather than optional vaccines like the flu vaccine.

If you buy Vaxigrip directly from a pharmacy it will cost around 28Lei (this is the price at Ameris Pharma in Jolie Ville).

We contacted a few different healthcare providers in the Pipera area to ask about Vaxigrip.


Bio Medica on Sos Pipera-Tunari (phone 0319101) has appointments with pediatricians for 150RON or a general consultation for adults is 100RON.  This appointment cost does not include the cost of the vaccine, you have to bring this yourself.

Medlife (phone 0219646) has appointments with pediatricians for 110RON

Family Clinic on Iancu Nicolae has appointments available most days. 235RON includes the appointment, check-up, vaccine and administration. This is just 175RON if you bring the vaccine yourself.

Regina Maria (various locations) can give you a consultation for 160RON and it is 40RON extra if you want them to provide the Vaxigrip.