Pregancy and fitness

which opportunity in Bucharest to keep active and meet  up with other future mums.



You are pregnant, and you know the best way to enjoy your pregnancy is to stay active and to meet other future mums to share experiences, concerns, doctors information etc…..but how can you do this in Bucharest?


As a fitness trainer now on the 7th month of my 3rd pregnancy I have been trying as much as possible to keep training and carry on with my routines. I am lucky, I know what exercises I can or cannot do, I have a gym membership and know a lot of people in the fitness environment to refer to and to train with.


How would it have been without this background knowledge? Not easy I must admit! So let’s start from the beginning of what can you do or cannot do when pregnant and then let’s look at how to do this in Bucharest.


How you train while pregnant all depends on how active you were before getting pregnant. Were you running 10k per day? Were you lifting weights? Were you a fan of cross fit? Are you sitting down most hours in front of a computer?

In order to do the right activities for you, you have to know yourself and know your fitness level. It is totally recommended to keep active while pregnant but there are different levels and it is not recommended to start something completely different just because you are worried about how big you will get. That depends on a lot of other factors.


Here a list of activities recommended for everybody:
– Walking. Long walks 45min to 1 hour per day at a medium effort (you should always be able to talk while doing it)

– Swimming. 30/40min of breast stroke, also simply walking in water or using the foam tubes to ‘cycle’ on is very beneficial (especially in the last trimester)

– Aqua gym. You can continue doing aqua gym if you have already done this exercise before as you can always pace yourself and alter your effort during the lessons.

– Pilates. You can continue doing pilates if you have already done this exercise before, but please talk to the teacher to confirm they are ok with this and that they can advise you on which positions are not recommended


Many times I have been asked: what about online workout? The internet is an incredible source of information but to be honest you have to be careful about what you find and who you follow.

If I had to recommend something the best program I found so far for during and after pregnancy is the one designed by Tracy Anderson, a famous American trainer, available on you tube.


Most of these activities are not specific and can be done either at home or at any gym.


If you want to look into something more specific the choices are very limited in Bucharest. I have been doing a bit of research and I found only two places where people are qualified and trained to teach pregnant women.


Active Center – The center was set up by the first independent midwife in Romania , Vania Limban, who also teaches Perineum Workout and Aqua Gym. They also offer Flex Band, Body Dance, Body Sculpt, Tae Bo, Stretching and Pilates classes. The center is in Strada Emanoil Porumbaru, 42 A, Parter Apt. 1. The have a good facebook page that explains their offers. Contact number: 021 222 9757


Power Yoga Romania – A new studio in Promenada area with highly qualified teachers and able to offer classes for pregnant women upon request. (I am trying to organize a group). Their usual offer is heated yoga, the room is around 36/37 C degrees, please avoid joining a normal class at this temperature, you might not cope very well with this heat.

More information can be found on their website

Being active is all good, but remember to take some time for yourself to relax and rest. A professionally qualified therapist is available in Bucharest for pregnancy massages. Especially if you suffer from hip pains, swollen legs, or simply general fatigue try this and it will make you feel better. Sher whom is a Canadian trained masseur with over ten years experience in her practice in Hong Kong before coming to Romania. She is trained and experienced to give pregnancy massages and even has a specially designed massage table with a hole for your bump in!

Contact Sher on 0724 362 471

Cost 200Ron/hr (reimbursable from insurance is possible). Home massage studio on Pipera-Tunari.



If you are busy, you have other children to look after and joining a group is not for you after all, then try from now on to enjoy the nice weather and be out for walks as much as you can. Herastrau, Casa Alba, Baneasa Forest, Cisimigiu, Mogosia and Tineteretului are nice spots to enjoy in Bucharest and keep active!




For any doubts on what to do or recommendations on the best exercises or anything else regarding fitness during pregnancy and after, please feel free to contact me.

Erika Torazzina 0724 972 654

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