avenor bucharestAvenor College is a Romanian-British educational institution for students from 2 to 18 years.  Students will graduate with IGCSEs and A and AS Levels from the British curriculum, as well as having completed all Romanian national examinations.  Avenor has two campuses; one for the Nursery and another for the School and High School where the majority of students will study.  There is a strong emphasis in the school on becoming a balanced student, with developing responsibilities and respect as well as  academic success.  The school has a wide range of extra curricular activities, and runs a summer camp.

Website:  http://www.avenor.ro/



Address (Nursery):  No. 65, Alexandru Constantinescu Street, 1st District (near Casin Monastery).


Address (School and High School):  Avenor College – Baneasa, no. 125A, Padurea Pustnicu Road, 1st District.

Phone (Nursery):  0720 288 211

Phone (School and High School):  0737 043 480